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Galactic Astronomy (星系天文学), Fall semester, 2014

Research Group and Collaborators

Hongxin Zhang (张红欣), CAS-CONICYT China-Chile Postdoctoral Fellow. Hongxin received his Ph.D. in 2012 working with Yu Gao at Purple Mountain Observatory, and he also spent 3 years at Lowell Observatory working with Deidre Hunter on the stellar populations of dwarf irregular galaxies in LITTLE THINGS. He is now working on the Next Generation Virgo Survey data, studying the dynamics and stellar populations of ultra-compact dwarf galaxies and globular clusters.

Karla Alamo-Martínez. CAS-CONICYT China-Chile Postdoctoral Fellow. Karla received her Ph.D. in 2014 at UNAM-Morelia. She is an expert in extragalactic globular cluster systems and works on data from HST and the Next Generation Virgo Survey.

Jihye Shin. KIAA Postdoctoral Fellow. Jihye received her Ph.D. in 2013 from Kyunghee University, and works primarily with numerical simulations of star clusters and galaxies.

Sungsoon Lim. PKU Postdoctoral Fellow. Sungsoon received his Ph.D. from Seoul National University in 2014 studying young star clusters in nearby starbursting dwarf galaxies.

Yiqing Liu (刘逸清). Currently a Ph.D. student at PKU (2011-), she did her bachelors in astronomy at Nanjing University, and worked on her undergraduate thesis at PKU.  Her thesis examined the radial density distribution of halo starts using the Next Generation Virgo Survey imaging.

Biao Li (李彪).  Currently a Ph.D. student at PKU (2010-), he is interested in stellar dynamics in early-type galaxies.

Junfei Wu. Currently a Ph.D. student at PKU (2013-), he is interested in galaxies and time-domain astrophysics.

Former Students

Cong Cai (蔡淙). Undergradtuate at PKU (2013-2014). Third-year undergraduate research project.

Zhiwei Li (李枝蔚). Undergraduate at PKU (2013-2014).
Third-year undergraduate research project.

Jun Xu
(胥君).  Masters student at PKU (2009-2013).
Studied halo stars of the nearest elliptical galaxy, NGC 5128 (Centaurus A).

Jingjing Chen (陈晶晶).  An undergraduate at PKU (2009-2013).
She did her thesis on the infrared colors and kinematics of globular clusters in dwarf galaxies. Now a Ph.D. student in astronomy at Columbia University.

Xiaoqi (Severus) Lu (卢骁祺).  An undergraduate at PKU (2009-2013).
He worked on analyzing time-series data in the Next Generation Virgo Survey. He is now a Masters student in biostatistics at Columbia University.

Xiaojun Cheng
.  A PKU undergraduate, graduated 2010 (entered 2006), she did her senior thesis on the luminosity function of Virgo cluster galaxies using the SDSS DR7.

Qiushi Wang (王秋实).  Undergraduate at PKU, graduated 2009.  His senior thesis was on "The Alignment between Globular Cluster Systems and Early-Type Host Galaxies".  This work led to a research article that has been submitted to the Astrophysical Journal.  He is currently enrolled in graduate school at New York University.

Lei Yang (杨蕾).  Masters student at PKU, graduated 2012.  Her masters thesis was on the feasibility of determining chemical abundances of stars from stacking medium resolution spectra (collaborators: Raja Guhathakurta and Evan Kirby). She is now a Ph.D. student in the Department of Astronomy at Case Western Reserve University in the US.

Former Postdocs

Chengze Liu
.  Lecturer, Shanghai Jiaotong University (2011-present).  Formerly a postdoc at PKU (2009-2011), he obtained his Ph.D. at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory.  He is an expert in galaxy photometry and stellar population gradients in galaxies.

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