Beijing Astrophysical Center

Chinese Academy of Science - Peking University


  Jointly sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Peking University, Beijing Astrophysics Center (BAC) is a major base for scientific research, academic exchanges and graduate education. The center runs a modern computer laboratory and has additional facilities such as an auditorium and offices for visiting scholars.

Beijing Astrophysics Center was formally established in May 1998 following an agreement reached between Lu Yongxiang (President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Chen Jiaer (President of Peking University). However, preparations for the setting up of a jointly sponsored center started in January 1998.The directors of the center,who are nominated jointly by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Peking University, are charged with the management and operation of the center, for which they take full responsibility.

The center is not an administrative unit and keeps no permanent staff. It welcomes visiting scholars from both home and abroad. By organizing academic activities the center facilities collaboration and exchanges between researchers from different fields. It provides a free academic environment and everyone is encouraged to express his views unreservedly. Free contention is welcomed. Scholars interested in paying research    visits to the center are welcome to apply for financial subsides. 

Distinguished scholars are invited to join our academic committee and to offer their suggestions. We look 

forward to you being able to join us soon.

Director: Chen Jian-Sheng,  Qiao Guo-Jun

Vice Director: Luo Shao-Guang,  Zhou  Xu, Zhang  Hua-Wei

Our mailing address is:

Beijing Astrophysics Center

Room 2901E, No.2 Building for Sciences

Peking University

Beijing 100871, P. R. China

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